Neutralize the phenomenon at Skinwalker Ranch

 I’m nobody that at some point in his life studied physics (AA in Physics). After watching the show for some time I have some suggestions/ideas that maybe can be applied together or separate to study the phenomenon or maybe help to neutralize it .  

 Adstract : This document presents some suggestions to improve research on-site and possibly neutralize the phenomenon by using interconnected grounded system stations and Faraday cages.    


  1.  Effect on Equipment: Consider using scientific equipment designed with mechanical mechanisms that are not affected by the phenomenon. This includes devices for recording voice and photography, such as spring-driven mechanisms (mainsprings: non-electronic).
  1. Grounding and Equipment:
    1. Grounded System Stations: Set up several grounded system stations around the location. Each station should consist of two copper rods (8-10 ft long) placed in the ground, spaced at least 6 ft apart (optimal results with 16-20 ft spacing), and interconnected by a copper bar with space for additional connections. Connect all devices, including scientific instruments and Faraday cages, to these stations. Additionally, use copper cables to interconnect the ground stations and connect them to any available water pipe (local well or main water supply). This interconnection might create a response or help neutralize the phenomenon.
    2. Mobile Faraday Cage: Utilize a surplus military command truck as a mobile Faraday cage for added protection.
  2. Field Disruption:
    1. Use a rocket connected to a wire attached to the grounded system station to affect or collapse the field around the phenomenon, potentially eliciting a response. This technique is similar to methods used in lightning research in Florida. Alternatively, use a temporary grounded system on top of the suspected underground object on days when lightning is likely. Note: FAA approval and a no-fly zone will be required during the test. This approach could generate a stronger response at higher altitudes around the location, though its safety is uncertain.
    2. Cover the area where the phenomenon is strongest with a Faraday cage that encompasses the entire ground. Connect this cage to nearby Ground System Stations. For example, cover the entire ground of the triangle with a cage and connect it to three ground system stations, one on each side of the triangle.
  3. Monitoring Distortions:
    1. Employ both optical survey equipment and GPS survey equipment separately to check for distortions in GPS signals caused by the phenomenon. Compare the changes in GPS signals with the correct geometry of the location. Continuous monitoring (24/7/365) could help calculate the positions of objects causing the distortions in real time.
  4. Particle Detection:
    1. Use a vapor particle detector (cloud chamber ) with a mechanical (spring-driven) recorder to avoid interference.

The ultimate goal is to find ways to neutralize the phenomenon at this location, which could then be applied to similar issues worldwide, potentially allowing for better negotiations and solutions in the future.

Angel Rodriguez

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